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Nova Scotia: 1-800-838-2511
New Brunswick: 1-888-260-9111
Service Français: 1-800-939-9400
Archway Insurance – Head Office
81 Victoria Street
Amherst, NS B4H 1X7

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Our Offices - Nova ScotiaOur Offices - New Brunswick
Name of OfficeLocationContact
Name of office:Amherst (Barnes)Location:81 Victoria Street,
Amherst, NS, B4H 1X7
Contact:Phone: 902-667-0800
Fax: 902-667-4030
Name of office:Dartmouth (Jack & Co.)Location: 978 Cole Harbour Rd, Suite 2, Dartmouth, NS B2V 1E7Contact:Phone: 902-462-0455
Fax: 902-462-5617
Name of office:HalifaxLocation:137 Chain Lake Drive,
Halifax, NS B3S 1B3
Contact:Phone: 902-477-2511
Fax: 902-477-3743
Name of office:Meteghan (J.H. Deveau)Location:9256 Hwy 1, Meteghan River, NS B0W 2L0Contact:Phone: 902-769-3366
Fax: 902-769-3388
Name of office:Parrsboro Location:121 Main Street,
Parrsboro, NS, B0M 1S0
Contact:Phone: 902-254-3244
Fax: 902-254-3260
Name of office:ShelburneLocation:197 Water Street,
Shelburne, NS, B0T 1W0
Contact:Phone: 902-875-4618
Fax: 902-875-3629
Name of office:Springhill (Cumberland)Location:PO Box 490, 64 Main St.,
Springhill NS B0M 1X0
Fax: (902)763-2278
Name of office:Stellarton (Hayman)Location:232 Foord Street,
PO Box 2270, Stellarton,
NS B0K 1S0
Contact:Phone: 902-755-1036
Fax: 902-752-7365
Name of office:Sydney (MacCoy)Location:140 Pitt St Sydney,
Nova Scotia B1P 5X9
Contact:Phone: 902-539-7001
Fax: 902-539-5242
T-F: 1-888-544-8792
Name of office:Upper Tantallon (Bay)Location:13589 Peggy’s Cove Road, Upper Tantallon, NS, B3Z 2J3Contact:Phone: 902-826-2508
Fax: 902-826-2965
Name of office:Tatamagouche (MacEachern)Location:251 Main Street,
Tatamagouche, NS, B0K 1V0
Contact:Phone: 902-657-3600
Fax: 902-657-3644
Name of office:YarmouthLocation:246 Main Street,
Yarmouth, NS, B5A 1C9
Contact:Phone: 902-742-4646
Fax: 902-742-1827
Name of OfficeLocationContact
Name of office:Campbellton (Alliance)Location:79 A Roseberry St
Box 737
Campbellton NB E3N 3H2
Contact:(506) 789-9400
(506) 789-9401 fax
Name of office:Clair (Alliance)Location:850 Principale St
Clair NB E7A 2H8
Contact:(506) 992-9400
(506) 992-9401 fax
Name of office:Dalhousie (Alliance)Location:127 New Brunswick St
Dalhousie NB E8C 1G7
Contact:(506) 684-9400
(506) 684-9401 fax
Name of office:Dieppe (Solutions)Location:1A-250, Champlain St.
Dieppe, NB E1A 1P3
Contact:Phone: 506-858-5944
Fax: 506-853-7644
Name of office:Edmundston (Alliance)Location:40 Court St
Edmundston NB E3V 1S3
Contact:(506) 735-9400
(506) 735-9401 fax
Name of office:Grand Falls (Alliance)Location:166 Broadway Blvd
Suite 202 (Box 9651)
Grand Falls NB E3Z 2J9
Contact:(506) 473-9400
(506) 473-9401 fax
Name of office:Miramichi (Harding)Location:438 King George Highway
Miramichi, NB, E1V 1L6
Contact:Phone: 506-622-4087
Fax: 506-622-2119
Name of office:Moncton (Heritage Jones-Foster)Location:1855 Mountain Road,
Unité A-1,
Moncton, N.B., E1G 1A8
Contact:Phone: 506-857-8345
Fax: 506-857-0472
Name of office:Petit-Rocher (Alliance)Location:525 Rue Principal C.P. 3129
Petit-Rocher NB E8J 1K1
Contact:(506) 783-9400
(506) 783-9401 fax
Name of office:Saint Quentin / Kedgwick (Alliance)Location:234D Canada Street
Saint-Quentin NB   E8A 1H4
Contact:(506) 235-9400
(506) 235-9401 fax
Name of office:St-Léonard (Alliance)Location:747 Principal St Unit A
St-Léonard NB   E7E 2J6
Contact:(506) 423-9400
(506) 423-9401 fax