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3 boys, 1 girl. All between the ages of 4 and 8. Plus the youngest two are twins. There are some things I am "recommending" (ok, yelling when necessary) on a regular basis.

1. "Get your finger out of your nose!" Self-explanatory, yes, but with four kids there is always someone with a finger stuck up there. Get one kid to stop and another takes his/her place immediately, so this one is pretty constant.

2. "Get your hands out of your pants!" Boys especially are constantly grabbing, shifting and sticking their hands in their pants. Doesn't matter if it's the front or the back, down the pants they go. I have to try to enforce this one at home, because goodness knows I don't need them scratching their butts (or worse) in public, which of course seems to require contact right on the skin rather that through the pants.

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3. "Stop screaming!" This goes for all of the kids, and basically when they start they decide they need to out-scream each other. So the shrieks get higher and higher in pitch, until it gets to where I need to close the windows to make sure people passing by on the street don't think there is a murder being committed in here each and every day. Even worse, with the nicer weather now they sometimes take to screaming when they're already outside, and window closing is not an option.

4. "Close the door when you pee!" There is a revolving door on our bathroom, and closing it does not even seem to enter their minds. When there's company over and someone decides they need to poop suddenly with the door wide open.. lovely.

5. "You get the controller until the big hand reaches the 9!" With lots of kids and only one working Wii controller currently, any game that's played means they're forced to take turns. Five minute increments seem to work, but of course there's constant pestering about "When is it MY turn?" This also can be modified for any games on my phone, playbook etc.

6. "Pee goes in the toilet!" Geared more towards the boys, but holy smokes how hard is it to aim and pee into the big giant toilet bowl? Pee on the seat, around the toilet, in the corner, in the garbage can, in the sink, in the heating vent. it ends up everywhere except where it's supposed to.

7. "No you can not have a bite!" No matter what I'm eating, one of the kids always decides they need to try what is on my plate. Which is fine for one bite. But with four kids needing multiple tastes of whatever it is, pretty soon that plateful is reduced to 2 forkfuls left for me.

8. "Out of the kitchen!" We have a whole house they can wrestle in, upstairs, downstairs, outside. why do they decide they need to roll around on the floor in my very small kitchen prep area whenever I try to get dinner started?

9. "Who wants a snack?" This one is quite effective when there is lots of yelling/screaming/whining/wrestling going on and it needs to be broken up before the crying starts. Of course it only works for 2.4 minutes while the wolf down some apple slices, but at least it's a quiet 2.4 minutes.

10. "Pardon me?" You have to imagine a mom voice and a raised eyebrow with this one. They know when they hear this one that they'd better not continue saying whatever it is they we're starting to. Usually needed when I'm getting "attitude" because of a very unfair request, such as sitting at the table for lunch, closing the door to the backyard, putting the hammer back in the junk drawer, putting underwear and pants on before leaving the house. you get the idea.

I will add one bonus one on top of these as well. The most common phrase of all that I tell my kids every day is "I love you sooooo much!" As soon as I do that I hear "I love you more!" which makes everything else in the day to day craziness worthwhile.

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