10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

While women are open about their likes and dislikes, men are far more reserved and less emotional. Finding a gift that will touch a man's heart takes a good amount of thought and effort indeed. Here are some ideas that will work for most men:

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1. Cook him dinner:

It is rightly said that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". If you aren't a very experienced cook, you could go for a simple dessert prepared with love. Irrespective of how delicious the food turns out to be, the effort put into putting together a meal is what counts. It shows how much you care for your special one. Some popular choices would be cookies, chocolate dessert, brownies, and chocolate souffle. Cook him a hearty romantic meal if you can and see the delight in his eyes for yourself.

2. Write a love letter or poem for him:

Although you might argue that this is equivalent to you telling him how much you love him, this is not the way men think. Having a physical tangible object that outlines and expresses your love will be treasured by him forever. It will constantly remind him of your love and care. This is one of those gifts where the thought counts and money plays no role. If you aren't very good at writing, then pick a classic love poem and frame it well for him

3.A digital photo frame:

Give your boyfriend something to remember you by for a lifetime. Pick a collection of special moments of the two of you together and create a digital photo frame with a romantic border and a few lipstick marks. Surpise him by placing it in his room and calling him in after a day out. He will cherish it forever.

4.Cologne of his choice:

Colognes are one of those classic Valentine's gifts that never die out of fashion. You can pick a scent that both of you will like. He would love smelling the way you would want him to. You will have to try out anumbe rof them before narrowing down on one as not every cologne will suit a given guy. Find out what brand he likes and stick to that one to be on the safer side.

5.Movie tickets for 2:

Take time out for your loved one and book 2 tickets for a movie of his choice. You can hit the big screen for a recent movie or go to a CD store and pick one of his classic movies. Combine it with some hot steaming popcorn and some romantic chocolates. If you are going to a theater, then take him out for dinner late and spend some quality time with him. If at home, get a nice warm blanket and have a casual date cuddling together for the movie.

6.Sports merchandise:

Most men are highly engrossed into sports. A number of stores provide good quality sports memorabilia that would be priceless to a sports lover. The internet is another brilliant source for such items. If possible, get two tickets for a sports event. Preferably, one of his favorite game.

7.Gift basket:

If you are on a tight budget, this one would be an excellent idea. Think of little things he loves and put them together into a gift basket. Decorate it with ribbons, cellophane, photos and other things to make it look romantic. Some things you could put into it would include his favorite chocolate or candies, a good beverage and little stocking stuffer items like headphones, sports merchandise, hobby items and more.

8.Romantic book or movie:

If your boyfriend is a book lover or a movie lover, he would really appreciate it if you bought him a nice romantic book or movie collection pf his choice. If you cannot find it at the local store, look online and find his favorite ones. Else go for book recommendations for the types of books he reads and get him one among those. If you are unable to make up your mind, then go for a gift card as a last resort.


If your boyfriend loves gaming, then supporting this hobby of his would mean the world to him.Do some research and buy him a gaming-themed gift for this special occasion. If there are any upcoming relesases or a classic game that he has been longing for, then buy him one of those. Again, if unsure, buy him some gaming credits, which is the equivalent of a gift card.

10.Customize a music CD:

Every relationship has some songs that are special to it. Get together all those romantic songs and make amixtape or Cd of them. This is one personalized present that any guy will adore. Also, it will not be too hard on your budget. Moe than anything else, it is the thoughts and feelings that count here. Make sure you start it with 'your' special sonng. Also, don't throw in too many songs. Limit the playlist to the most special ones.

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