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The test is positive and depending where you are in life, you're either super excited or in serious disbelief. Either way by the time you see that little bean jumping around on the screen you immediately (or very soon after) begin to imagine what your child will look like and act like. When (If) you find out the sex of your baby dreaming begins to skyrocket. When their born, you stare in the tiny face and can't help but wonder how amazing they will prove to be. Are they the next president or will you be the one who will find/develop a cure from Cancer? When it comes to our children, they are a piece of our being and we can't help but build up a classic story of amazing for their lives.

I know I have built all kinds of success stories for my children that would make any mama beam with an ear to ear smile, and they're only toddlers.

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But what happens when the life story we've created doesn't match up with the life story they are living by? My husband and I get questioned all the time who are children act more like. Or even my favorite reoccurring question, "Who's the quiet one?" If I we're to judge it off of my story-line, I would say the one who doesn't look like me is the quiet one because I'm not quiet. Maybe this hour that's the case but they both live by their own story. I could answer with what I think you wanna hear, but then tomorrow or even an hour from now it could completely change.

Let's face it, even though are kids are an extension of us, they are not us. I am finding that often times they are completely different than both me and my husband. It took me some time but I realize that is okay. At the same time, I also realized that all I do is add frustration to my life when I expect them to behave like me. They're not me, they are their own person with their own characteristics and personalities, and that's okay.

As mamas we have to find peace in every corner of our lives. The bathroom and shower is not the only peaceful place of retreat. As parents we can help our children grow to be healthy, positive, and successful all while allowing them to be free to be nothing but themselves.

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