Children's Natural Passions

Building forts, jumping in puddles, picking noses, hide 'n' seek, going on adventures, let's pretend, playing games, making noises, creating 'potions', make believe, making up stories, running, jumping, solving mysteries, imitating animals, listening to stories, discovering the bottom of the garden, throwing anything, testing our boundaries, listening to stories

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What do all these have in common?

They are all natural passions that children around the world share, things they find inherently satisfying, enjoyable and spend entire days doing. I'm sure you could add many of your own from your own childhood. These activities are things that we as humans just love to do.You could even say they are what we live for.(Hopefully not an entire day at a time picking noses, but we all have our moments right?!)

When I think of something I'm passionate about and want to share with children, say, going tracking animals, the very first thing I think about is how I could link it to one of their natural passions. Can we turn it into a game? Can we solve a mystery? Can we incorporate tracking into playing hide 'n' seek?

If I can it changes the whole dynamic of how children relate to the activity. When we simply 'teach' or 'instruct' children, never taking the time to understand their world, they are likely to never go beyond a purely physical experience. It is very limited in it's depth, and it's long term appeal. However, if children come to that learning through one of their natural passions there is a whole different world that is opened up to them. Their soul gets in on the act. It is awakened, and literally comes out to play. Now we have a full being experience, and these are the ones that not only bring children to life, they are remembered, repeated, enhanced and cherished.

When we take the time to remember what it is that brings us all to life, our teaching takes on a whole new dimension. Children embrace the experience, eager for more. They develop great skill, and understanding. Working with natural passions also fosters a lifelong love for learning, something that not many adults can say they have in our society, mainly because we ignore the soul when educate.

If you can, take a few moments, even get out a paper and pen and simply write down some of the things you did as a child that when you recall them you can't help but smile and laugh with every part of your being. Then, choose just one of these, one that you just know all children everywhere love to do and share that with the children in your life. Build a fort together from the cushions in the living room, make up a story together, pretend to be dinosaurs, find the biggest, muddiest puddle you can and splash around in it, and yes, maybe even have a nose picking competition. Though I take no responsibility for the results of that one!

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