Saving Energy=Saving Money

Keeping your appliances running smoothly and saving energy go hand in hand. In fact, the better your appliances are maintained, the less energy they consume. The three tips below explain how you can keep your appliances maintained under a home warranty while still being green.

1. Stay on top of regular maintenance. This goes for all your appliances from refrigerators to furnaces. The best way to keep your appliances running as efficiently as possible is by ensuring they are in top shape. An appliance warranty that covers repair services is ideal because you can take care of any problems immediately without having to deal with a full replacement.

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2. Fully load washing machines and dishwashers. A half-loaded dishwasher wastes water, soap, and energy. The same can be said for a washing machine. When you use all of the space on your dish rack and take care of a big load of laundry, you're making better use of the energy and resources your appliance consumes.

3. Reduce your energy use. A furnace or air conditioner that works too hard not only costs you more in utility costs, but it also shortens the life of the appliance. A few ways to live greener and lower your energy consumption include using blinds or curtains on west-facing windows, investing in energy-efficient equipment, and exploring alternative energy sources such as solar power. Also, your furnace or air conditioner should not be completely shut off unless you are out of your home for multiple days at a time.

An appliance warranty can help in the event of a breakdown, especially if you aren't ready to purchase a new replacement.

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