Aroma Rice Cooker Reviews

Aroma housewares is around for more than 30 years, and also the company includes a deep rooted history inside the manufacture of a number of kitchen appliances for example hot plates, food steamers, ice cream makers and lots of others. Their choice of rice cookers has expanded in recent years, now we will look into their Aroma ARC-914SBD 4-Cup (Uncooked ) Rice Steamer. This type of digital rice cooker tend to make as much as 8 cups of cooked rice, so it isn't quite large sufficient to cater to some whole family.

The planning of the model is modern and stylish, and it features a stainless steel exterior with black trim upon the bottom and lid. The machine itself isn't too big, and can comfortably fit on any kitchen counter if you don't take up much space in the least. The complete machine is cool towards the touch when active, which is really a nice touch for such an economical rice cooker.

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The digital interface is fairly straightforward to make use of, and it also includes settings for delaying the cooking, steaming the food, keeping it warm and Its buttons for white and brown rice. The delay timer could be set for as much as 15 hours, which is very handy for anyone who likes to come home to some freshly cooked batch of rice. Cooking rice isn't the only function of the machine however, as additionally it may steam meat and vegetables, or you can apply it in order to make stews or soups. To steam food, you employ the included plastic tray which fits into the highest from the machine.

The cooking pot includes a nonstick interior, which should make cleaning a breeze. There will be measuring levels inside from the cooking pot, so there isn't any must have to fiddle around with measurements to obtain the right level of rice & water. Lastly you also get a cup and spoon using this set. Theres a hook upon the side from the machine to hang the spoon on, however it does look just a little awkward and from place. Now let's possess a look in your own home the machine performs.

Since there will be specific settings for white and brown rice, we decided those two could be best places start. Our first test was two cups of white rice and once putting in your correct quantities of water and rice, we left the machine to carry out it's magic. After around 10 minutes we experienced a look into how things we're going, and realized that the timer was now counting through minutes till the rice was accomplished.

Aroma Rice Cooker Reviews- This minute timer appear to kick in at all around the 12 minute to reach mark, which may be quite handy if you're preparing other foods simultaneously. After around twenty minutes, the machine designed a only a few audible beeps to signal the rice was finished cooking. Once the cooking is performed, Itll automatically switch over towards the Keep warm function. After this first batch was accomplished, we gave the rice a fast taste test to discover how it had turned out. The white rice was nice and fluffy, there was no sign of any burnt rice in the bottom.

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