How To Fight Fairly And Still Keep Your Marriage

To give an example, take two partners who have been together for some time and they have lived in perfect harmony until now. They got married in a chapel while the woman was on the verge of building up a career and the man was crossing the way to achieving a successful career in becoming a lawyer.

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They we're able to stay together for so much time because they didn't have any major worries in their heads and we're able to enjoy the fruits of their relationship. Marriage began to slowly invade their lies; they lost the magic of being together.

Both partners had achieved the peaks of their careers. The woman was working in magazine dealing with the economy and business, talking about economy and the man was recruited by a prestigious firm. Their careers we're successful, their married life not quite.

Since both partners are busy with their careers, it is difficult for them to find any time to spend together. Therefore since most of their time is spent at work, they rarely see each other and interact only occasionally.

Their dilemma is ubiquitous for the partners who have busy working lives but would also like to make it work in their relationship. Since they see one another so rarely, it is no wonder they often end up in an argument of some kind.

Arguing with the person one loves is a thing has hurts a lot. Since married couples can't find a way to sort out their differences, most of the couples passing through the same problem end up being separated.

Arguments are a common thing to occur in a marriage but nonetheless, couples should find the appropriate ways to decrease the number of arguments they are passing through. Also, once a matter is settled then there should be no reason for it to be repeated on a later basis, therefore, while it is normal to argue from time to time in a marriage, it shouldn't be made a recurrence.

The most common things married couples argue about will be detailed in the lines to follow. Living with another person is different from living on your own therefore, it is important that the people get along very well to ensure that there will be no major conflicts.

Arguments arise mainly when the married couple do not manage to agree on certain things, because they each have their own different ideas and values that are put to a test when confronted with a real life dilemma. Therefore, it is crucial that people get along very well before embarking on a marital relationship. You will find out the pleasure of living with someone with whom you can communicate perfectly and efficiently. Also, some people may even think that when perfect harmony is reached there is even no need of communication.

There are some specific issues however that need to be discussed beforehand, including conflict and argument management.

Financial issues are a poignant issue in every marriage because money has this power of determining how things go on. A couple may not get along so well if the money they earn is not sufficient to meet all needs of the couple. Therefore, successfully knowing how to budget your finances will ensure couples can quarrel over anything but money problems.

Being jealous at a particular moment is also one thing you would want to avoid. Jealousy brings along only the ugliest parts in a marriage that one would want to eschew. Therefore, it is important to impede these sentiments from becoming a reality inside your married life. Jealous spouses have the tendency withhold frustrations within that one would like to avoid.

Another common problem couple's encounter on a regular basis refers to sexual activity. Some partners may not be satisfied by the kind of sexual activity they are doing and this lack of satisfaction may be reflected in the general quality of the relationship.

Moreover, couples have problems dealing with their in-laws because there are some parents of a partner who simply won't step aside and let their child solve the marital problems he or she has. Therefore, spouses should be the ones informed the in-laws where to cross and not cross the line between simple opinions and actual disturbing matters.

Responsibilities are also things couples like to quarrel over because such household chores can really become burdens for those who don't have the actual time to do them. Therefore, the spouses need to divide in an equal manner what chores they will be doing so that they can keep the marriage healthy and far from external interventions.

While there may be some other conflict sources, most couples basically quarrel over the things that we're outlined above. These conflicts can cause rifts over partners that will evolve over time and lead to larger quarrels. Therefore, it is highly important to be aware of consequences of quarrelling and be ready to properly manage your conflicts. For such conflicts to be avoided later on, you need to start dealing with them right away.


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