Getting Organized

First, you have to Clean Out Your Closet, but then you're probably still stuck with a messy closet. Organizing a closet can be a daunting task, but you can do it!Put aside one weekend afternoon and give yourself peace of mind as well as an easier time putting together your clothes in the morning.

I don't believe that organizing materials should cost you much. You're simplifying your life, not complicating it! There are a bunch of items out there to help you keep your items sorted. Everything I've linked to here is highly reviewed, I can personally recommend it,and the price point is under $20. In most cases, under $15.

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Before you even start organizing your closet, you'll need to make sure that you make a list of the kinds of things you're going to put in your closet, the "spaces" you're going to need to make. Are you putting all your clothes in the closet, or just more formal ones? Coats? Casual dresses?Whether you're planning on moving to mostly a closet or keep other clothes in a dresser, you'll need to figure out more or less what you want to put in there before starting to make sure you're budgeting enough room.

1. Get slim hangers. I've seen so many people use huge, thick, wooden hangers; round plastic hangers; or even the foam-lined hangers from clearance stores. Have you ever looked at them? Each one is maybe a half an inch thick, with the wooden hangers going up to even a full inch wide. Remember that the width of your clothing itself can get pretty big. Having wide hangers is a huge waste of space. I personally like these thin, velvet-covered hangers by Amazon Essentials. They're a fraction of the width of other hangers, but they're sturdy and the velvet keeps the shoulders from cutting into the fabric and wearing it out while it's just hanging there. Some items with very formed shoulders, such as jackets with shoulder pads, do require wooden hangers, but the majority of your clothes won't need specialty hangers. I like the triangular version because you can fold your pants in half and hang them from the lower "bar." Even having used them for many years,they've never broken on me, and they're super affordable. They're also attractive~

Here's a quick picture of how the thickness compares. The black one is the slim velvet hanger, the green one is a normal plastic hanger, and the clear one is a hanger that was sent home with me from a store. You can definitely see how much slimmer they are! The plastic is the same load-bearing material, but the plush covering is softer on clothes themselves. I bought one 50-pack about 5 years ago now. Changing out from primarily regular plastic ones gave me so much more space, it was awesome. Also, I've never broken a single one.

2. What will be your system? With all your clothes on hangers, set up a system for where everything should go. Everybody sorts a little differently my mother likes to organize by color with dresses first, tops, then bottoms in each color. I'm a little less visually oriented, so I like to sort my clothes by function. I put dresses on the very right edge of the closet because I don't use them very much. Out-of-season coats and clothes I put at the very left. In the middle, I have tops, sweaters, pants, and skirts, so that's what I first see when I open the door.

3. Use a hanging shoe organizer. Keeping shoes on the floor eats up a bunch of vertical space! That's space you could be using. I love having a shoe organizer on the door. This one by Whitmoris sturdy, attractive, and can fit up to 12 pairs of shoes. Larger feet beware, though it only seems to fit up to men's size 12 (US) or so. I like that the pockets are so big, they really allow for high heels and thicker shoes like clogs and booties. Larger boots can stay on the floor.

Some people like to have shoe shelves on the floor of their closet, but I find that's really a space-waster. Yeah, it may be an adorable set of shelves, but shelving and wood are hardy, thick materials. You're not going to need something that heavy-duty for just putting shoes on from day to day. That space is wasted by using nice, wooden shelves that no one will see. Do yourself a favor and go utilitarian on this one.

4. Take advantage of that extra vertical space. Now that your shoes are taken care of, you should have a bunch of new space on your closet floor. You have two options if you have a lot of shorter clothes that still need to be put somewhere (shirts, skirts, pants), then you can put a second hanger bar in. This hanging double bar is adjustable for height and width, and can hold a fair amount. If you're worried about your original hanger bar supporting all that weight, or you have shorter rooms (and closets), using boxes or drawers on the bottom of your dresser may be the way to go. Drawers tend to have extra girth, but also be more long-lasting and easy to get to. Stacking boxes is cheaper and really maximizes space, but they're also much harder to get to. The choice is yours, for whatever suits your needs best. You can get plastic drawers for fairly cheap (I use these drawers by Sterilite almost everywhere, and they're infinitely stackable, see-through, and you can slap a label or decoration on them if you like).

5. Where to put everything else? What about all those hats, scarves, etc? I personally have a wicker basket that I put hats in at the bottom and let my scarves sit on top however they please and keep it on my bureau. You could also stack hats on the upper shelf, hang them on a rack, or, for the really great hats that will outlast you, try putting them in hat boxes.

Any questions? Any tips? How is your closet coming along? I know I have a little ways to go I'm messy, even when I know what I should be doing!

Now that you have a nice, clean closet, find out what SHOULD be in there!

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