Being a self employed single mother

I am a single mother who is self-employed and is raising/ homeschooling my son. I am also nurturing a career as a singer/songwriter. There are some who believe that you cannot have a successful music career and raise a child unless you have a partner. I affirm the opposite. I do believe that one must have support.---Lots of support. You need lots of support just to raise a child and having any kind of career requires double that. I feel that this is the best time to be alive. To give up my music, my art is like telling me to give up my son. They are both important, special and a part of me. I would like to balance the two worlds with more efficiency and more grace.

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Sometimes I wonder how I mange to write a song. I give thanks that Omer is pretty chill when he is in his element. Some way, I manage to write a song, when he's a asleep, riding a train or toy dumpster around my feed and using my guitar as a track. I remember Toni Morrison explaining how her son threw up on here story while she was writing and how she wrote around the vomit. That is what we mothers do to create. We create in between the bath and the bedtime story. We create worlds in the wee hours, losing rest for what must be created; for if it is not, something in us dies.

I pondered the question "How can I create a successful music career while continuing to raise my son in a loving, present and creative way?"

Here is a list of some of the things that came to in this quest to fully embody this path as a performing songwriter and a mother

A trustworthy, loving and reliable childcare provider (in different states)


A Reliable Car

Airline miles (seriously)


A vision

Faith in your vision

The drive to push even when the numbers are looking low

Knowing that what you create is of value

Love for what comes from within you


Did I say flexibility

Healthy wholesome Food(without which our body and voice will eventually go down the drain)

Relationships with other mothers

Time to create, practice, promote, perform and perfect

Friends, fans, people who encourage you (Thank to all mine, you all fuel me)

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Inspirations For This Post - Where would I be with out you?

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